StatusNet XMPP and GTalk Setup

I tried to get StatusNet’s XMPP bot to connect to GTalk’s servers and got this error: “If set, the ‘from’ attribute must be set to the user’s full JID.” Furthermore, I could not send or receive messages from the bot. It was connected, though. I am using the current version of StatusNet, 0.9.7fix1.

After some extensive searching and not finding anything helpful I fiddled with some of the settings. The change from the example that made everything work was:

$config['queue']['enabled'] = true;


$config['queue']['enabled'] = false;


If you are using Google Apps for your domain the XMPP settings can be a tricky. This is exactly from my config.php and is setup for

# xmpp
$config['xmpp']['enabled'] = true;
$config['xmpp']['host'] = '';
$config['xmpp']['server'] = ''; # domain name
$config['xmpp']['port'] = 5222;
$config['xmpp']['user'] = 'update'; # user name
$config['xmpp']['encryption'] = true;
$config['xmpp']['resource'] = 'updatebot'; # something unique
$config['xmpp']['password'] = 'password'; # user password
$config['xmpp']['debug'] = false;
$config['queue']['enabled'] = false;


Good luck with your setup and happy micro-blogging!

Update: If using GTalk you will need to login to the bot’s account to accept the invitation request.

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