Update (Nov 25, 2013): Instructions for version 3.0.5

1. Rename config_extended.php to config.php

2. Uncomment line 558.


3. Set mail server on line 535.


4. Uncomment line 543, 544, 547.

Fill in the username, password and SSL port number.

5. Set line 213 to 0.

define ("TEST",0);

The above steps should be all you need to do to setup SMTP w/ SSL on the current version. There is no longer a need to edit any file other than config.php.

Update (Aug 18, 2013): The newest version of phpList’s config.php has settings for using secure SMTP. I suggest you use the new config file by copying your settings from the old config file. Enjoy!

Update (Nov 20, 2012): This still works for 2.10.19! :)

Update (Nov 7, 2011): I just upgraded to 2.10.17 and can confirm this still works.

Original Post (Jun 7, 2011): When I updated phplist to 2.10.14 I forgot that there were a few modifications required for using SMTP with SSL. This may be the reason your phplist will not send mail.

Searching resulted in many forum threads which had numerous suggestions. I checked the old files and found that the following modifications, in the past, had allowed me to send mail via SMTP with SSL.

config/config.php settings:

$phpmailer_smtpuser = 'LOGIN';
$phpmailer_smtppassword = 'PASSWORD';
$phpmailer_smtpsecure = 'ssl';
$phpmailer_smtpport = 465;

Open admin/class.phplistmailer.php and locate:

$this->Password = $GLOBALS['phpmailer_smtppassword'];

Below it insert:

$this->SMTPSecure = $GLOBALS['phpmailer_smtpsecure'];
$this->Port = $GLOBALS['phpmailer_smtpport'];

Open admin/phpmailer/class.smtp.php and locate:

$this->smtp_conn = fsockopen($host,





You should now be able to send mail!!