Asus RT-N16 DD-WRT: best wireless settings for streaming

MAJOR UPDATE JANUARY 10, 2013: I installed the stock firmware today. The speed is incredible! DD-WRT firmware and my ISP’s speed test peaks at 100 Mbps. So far the stock firmware peaked at 229 Mbps. The limiting factor is probably my ISP. WiFi is also at least 4x faster. Bye for now DD-WRT… I will miss your features! Just kidding. I setup DD-WRT on a WRT54GL as an OpenVPN client. That is the feature I use which doesn’t come with stock firmware. Click here to go to the Asus RT-N16 product page.

I rewrote this to make it easy to follow. If you are having lots of problems – a 30/30/30 to clear the NVRAM may be necessary. Please comment if you have any recommendations. Thanks!

=> Basic
-NTP client: enable
-time zone: (yours)
-server: pick a pool for your region here

=> Basic
-mode: AP
-network mode: N-only
-channel: 6 (Find the one with the least noise by doing a “site survey.”)
-width: 20 MHz
-sensitivity range (ACK timing): 0
-network configuration: bridge

=> Security
-mode: WPA2 personal
-algorithim: AES

=> Advanced
-CTS: disable
-frame burst: disable
-beacon: 100
-preamble: short
-shortslot override: short
-tx power: 17 (Here is a thread about this setting for this router.)
-WMM support: enable
-no-acknowledgement: disable

=> Keep Alive
-schedule reboot: enable
-time: 05:00 everyday

After rebooting, make sure the settings were saved.


    1. Download the stock firmware from Asus website. Go to the dd-wrt firmware update page, select restore to factory defaults and select the stock firmware you downloaded from Asus support site. Do not get impatient or you will soft brick your router and have to TFTP the firmware in recovery mode. It takes more than a few minutes for the process to complete, maybe around 5 minutes. I found the timer on the page to be fairly accurate in terms of wait time.

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