phplist SMTP w/ SSL

Update (Nov 25, 2013): Instructions for version 3.0.5 1. Rename config_extended.php to config.php 2. Uncomment line 558. define(“PHPMAILER_SECURE”,’ssl’); 3. Set mail server on line 535. define(“PHPMAILERHOST”,’’); 4. Uncomment line 543, 544, 547. Fill in the username, password and SSL port number. 5. Set line 213 to 0. define (“TEST”,0); The above steps should be all… Continue reading phplist SMTP w/ SSL

Setup PSAD in Ubuntu 9+

Psad scans your firewall log in real time. It can be configured to automatically drop packets and more. While reading the guides that are available for this I ran into a problem, there was no /etc/syslog.conf. On Ubuntu’s webpage I found this release note. It says that as of Ubuntu 9.10, syslog has been upgraded… Continue reading Setup PSAD in Ubuntu 9+

Setup Samba on Ubuntu

Updated December 24, 2012. This works on all versions of Ubuntu. Authenticated network file access is very helpful on your home LAN. Install: sudo apt-get install samba Configuration: sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf Enter details for the share at the end of the file. Leave the rest of the file default for now. Go back later and… Continue reading Setup Samba on Ubuntu

Asus RT-N16 DD-WRT: best wireless settings for streaming

MAJOR UPDATE JANUARY 10, 2013: I installed the stock firmware today. The speed is incredible! DD-WRT firmware and my ISP’s speed test peaks at 100 Mbps. So far the stock firmware peaked at 229 Mbps. The limiting factor is probably my ISP. WiFi is also at least 4x faster. Bye for now DD-WRT… I will… Continue reading Asus RT-N16 DD-WRT: best wireless settings for streaming